Lee Bean Dip C hyp. Dip Couns. Dip adv weight control. MPNLP. Past life therapist.Reiki Master.

Highly-Effective Hypnotherapy

Whether you're looking for help with a mental health issue, past trauma, addiction or weight control Lee Motivate for you. From a calm and comfortable treatment space, I will guide you through a state of relaxation in order to help you take back control and make the changes you want to see in your life.Therapist specialising in Eating Disorders, plus effective treatment for Depressive illnesses. Get in touch through my contact form for further details.

My Services and Customers

My services are non-intrusive and designed to make you feel comfortable. My Reiki sessions require you to be fully clothed, and I do not touch you unnecessarily. I offer complete customer satisfaction with numerous customers reporting feeling light and relaxed after my Reiki sessions. Others have said that my treatments helped them to improve their holistic lives. Reiki can also help expectant mothers rid themselves of anxiety, and I have helped my clients in their recovery from minor physical injuries.

Live Life to the Fullest

Hypnotherapy is an effective, long-lasting way to take action on your addictions, however, they choose to manifest themselves. I will guide you through the process and suggest supplementary lifestyle changes which will enhance your results and ensure that you remain addiction-free. I'll set you free from the addictive cycle and help you live life to the full once more.


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